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Let's look at the different types of water purifier

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Make your Water 100% Pure & Healthy, Protect your Family from Water Borne diseases. Purify your Tap Water with KENT RO before you Drink.

RO Technology

RO membrane technology is used in the widely used water purification process known as reverse osmosis. It is used to purge the water of pollutants, bacteria, and dissolved salts. Only water may flow through the semipermeable membrane; hazardous compounds, dissolved salts, and microorganisms that are floating in water are left behind. The taste of water is also made sweeter by a RO water filter, which is appropriate for hard water with a high TDS level.

UF Technology

The ultrafiltration method of purification likewise uses membrane technology, but it does so with a membrane that has larger pores. It cleans the water of all minute impurities. However, it can't get rid of dissolved salts and solids. The UF purification method has a very low TDS and is suited for water that isn't overly hard.

UV Technology

It is possible to remove 99.99% of dangerous organisms from water using the ultra violet purification method, which uses ultraviolet light to eliminate germs, bacteria, cysts, and other unwanted species. It makes use of a tiny mercury lamp to produce short-wave UV radiation that cleans water and penetrates bacterial and viral cells, stopping them from reproducing and eventually killing them.

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Save Electricity by using Solar Water heaters for your home and Commercial Establishments

“Brightening your world, one solar panel at a time – choose Karanji Aqua Services.”

Our advanced PUF insulation stores hot water for up to 48 hours, with high-performance tubes for cloudy weather. It’s ideal for bore well and hard water, preventing corrosion and bacterial buildup. With a 500 LPD capacity, it suits households of 10 to 12 members, ensuring clean and hygienic water supply.

Let's look at the different types of water purifier Softners

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Water Softener
Commercial water purifier
Bathroom softener

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